Spread the TRUTH!

We are on the verge of disaster and no one seems to be aware or cares that it is happening, but soon it will be too late to do anything to stop it!

Some very scary trends are happening in America, we are losing our language! We are losing our religious rights! We are losing our freedoms! So many have died to protect our right to survive, our right to live free, but that is very quickly slipping away!

On this site you will see some of my thoughts, thoughts of others and some cold hard facts! If things do not change soon, I am afraid that we will no longer be free! I fear that we will no longer be the country that America was designed to be!

Please share this site and anything that you agree with so we might be able to stop something horrible from happening in the very near future.

Help to Make America, America Again! Home of the Free and the Brave!

Spread the TRUTH!