Democrats vs. Republicans… Why?!

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No More Two-Party Political System!

Why must everything be just those two views? Why must bad bills and laws get passed just because they are sponsored by the leading party, while good ones get denied?

What does a Democrat typically believe in?

Policies of past Democratic platforms have sought to protect social programs, labor unions, consumer protection and workplace safety regulation, equal opportunity, and racial equality, and regulation against pollution of the environment.

What does a Republican typically believe in?

Republican party leaders strongly believe that free markets and individual achievement are the primary factors behind economic prosperity. To this end, they advocate in favor of laissez-faire economics, fiscal conservatism, and eliminating government-run welfare programs in favor of private-sector nonprofits and encouraging personal responsibility.

Too Much Loss!

There have been too many very important and necessary laws that have been voted down simply because they were purposed by the opposite party. Laws that would protect women and even children! Some of these laws were voted no on by representatives that did not even know what they were voting on, just simply that it was not put forth by their party! Does this really make sense that a good and protective law or bill will not pass simply because it was not proposed by the controlling party?

I Voted for What?

There are many times that Senators and Congress People vote yes or no even when they have never heard of the bill, just because their party supports the bill. Many people vote for presidents that they don’t like, just because they are of the same party. I bet if Hitler was still alive and ran as a Republican, he would get millions of votes just because people vote for their party no matter what!

No More Political Parties!

Why can’t we move forward and just vote for what laws are right? Vote for the best candidate for the job? Vote for what actually makes sense for once! Can we really make that happen or are we all just too far gone? It’s time to make a change for the better!

Spread the TRUTH!

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