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Why? Seriously!

Did you know that you can get a driver’s license in languages other than English? Should this worry you? YES!! When is the last time you saw a street sign in anything other than English? When you see construction ahead warning signs, change in traffic pattern signs or something completely new, they are in English! If you can’t read them, that is DANGEROUS!

There are only 3 states that offer English only driving tests: South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. Are these the only states that have any type of sense? Why is it that in 47 states you can take a driving exam in multiple languages?

The worse offender is California, they offer its driver’s license exams in the most languages, as it has 32 different language options available. Massachusetts ranks 2nd by offering its driver’s license exams in 26 different languages.

This is a sample of only 10 languages offered in California, Pretty big sign needed and it is still missing 22 other languages offered, with different shapes and colors!
This is a sample of only 10 languages offered in California, Pretty big sign needed and it is still missing 22 other languages offered, with different shapes and colors!

How does this make any sense to anyone?!

Can you imagine how big signs would have to be in order to make it so that everyone that refuses to learn English could understand road safety? How many times might a construction worker have to die because someone that got a driver’s license could not understand a simple “Road Work Ahead!” sign? Or what if school hours change? How many children would have to die before it became important to understand the signs and rules of the road?

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Some people argue that:

“It’s time to get with the program and accept that other languages beside English exist.”

Quote from Unknown Author

If I went to live in Mexico (or any other Spanish speaking country) and wanted to take a drivers exam I would not expect them to give me the exam in English. (I’m assuming that they have a minority that speaks English.)

So what if a wants to take it in French and that state like Texas does not offer the test in French? Do you say: Sorry, your minority isn’t large enough for us to worry about you. Do you happen to speak Spanish?

In Spanish speaking countries should we demand that they remove “¡Alto!” from their stop signs or put “Stop” on the sign also? Should we be able to tell them to not use the metric system on their road signs because I am accustomed to English measurements? And don’t let them enforce anything local like the Turn left on red into one way streets or different school hours that I am familiar with because I would not be able to understand the words on the sign?

You have to do what is practical and affordable and makes sense!

The whole idea behind having a license is to conform traffic behavior to a set of rules. I don’t think it is too much of a burden to ask someone who wants to enjoy the privilege of driving to be able to understand those rules. You might be able to translate the test, but what does that person do when they actually get on the road? Not all construction signs are on the test nor most information signs. Since a person must recognize those signs in English they must have a basic understanding of English and that knowledge should be tested. I don’t want someone running over me saying that he didn’t understand the “Slow Down. Toll Booth Ahead” sign because it wasn’t on the test in their native language!

Please share this with everyone to help make our country a safe and fair place to live!

Please note: I am not saying that people should not be able to immigrate to this country, I am simply saying that if you are trying to get away from your country for a better life in America, then why do you not want to be an American and why are you trying to make America like where you came from?

Spread the TRUTH!

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